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ParaBody GS6

Parabody is made by Life Fitness and offers good quality, safety, versatility and value. The Parabody GS6 comes with a horizontal bench which may be beneficial to those who prefer a flat bench press instead of a seated bench press. It also gives you the option of doing other dumbbell exercises if you wanted to include some free weight exercises into your routine. An optional leg press is available, but the weight stack is only 160 pounds (additional 50 lb kit available).

Variable Arc Press Station: The horizontal Variable Arc™ press station enables you to exercise your chest, arm, and shoulder muscles through natural, varying paths of motion using either traditional pressing movements or converging pressing arcs.
Horizontal Bench: The Parabody GS6 also allows for dumbbell workouts by simply folding the handles under the bench. The multi-adjustable horizontal bench easily accommodates decline, flat, incline, and shoulder pressing movements. Plus, the self-adjusting extended arm pec fly’s joint neutral path of motion mimics a dumbbell fly movement. Also, using the pec fly station, you can train your rear deltoids to balance your upper-body workouts.
Biomechanically Correct: The traditional horizontal bench enables you to perform familiar exercises. And the pressing and rowing arcs match your body’s natural path of motion and minimize stress on your joints. Users can perform leg curl’s in the traditional prone position which incorporates more muscle fibers and is a more efficient exercise. The back and seat pads are comfortable, while the pec fly cams ensure consistent resistance throughout the range of motion. The leg extension seat angle optimizes full quadriceps contraction.
Easy-To-Use: The GS6’s newly designed remote press arm handle makes it easy to adjust the press arm start position while you’re seated. For the lower body, the Quick Flip™ feature allows quick adjustments from the leg extension and leg curl exercise positions. Overall a nice design with decent quality of exercises.

Specs / Accessories:
Included accessories: Revolving lat bar, revolving low row bar, ab/triceps strap, and ankle strap.
160 lb. selectorized weight stack

Its state-of-the-art, robotic welding ensures a safe, strong structure guaranteed for life. The heavy-duty tubing is pretreated to prevent rust and ensure that the electrostatically-applied, powder-coat paint optimally adheres to the metal. 2,000-pound, tensile-strength aircraft cables are the industry standard.

There is a limited lifetime warranty on the frame, weld and parts, while the upholstery, pads and cables carry a 3-year warranty.

MSRP: $2899

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Reviewed by admin on 05 October 2011

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