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Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine

marcy diamond elite smith
Overview: The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System is a feature-filled home gym at a good price with a fairly small footprint. The linear bearings combined with machined steel guide rods offer a fairly smooth movement. The range of motion on the crossover cable is often limited to less than what is needed for exercises.  The 2″ x 2 3/4″ frame is a 12 gauge, light duty steel that features a 7-degree slant on the smith designed to accommodate the natural upper and lower body movements. The construction is good quality with a powder coated finish, 3 3/4″ nylon pulleys with sealed ball bearings, 2000 lbs tensile strength aircraft cable, commercial grade pop pins adjustment, and chrome striker plates. The smith bar accommodates either 1″ weight plates or 2″ Olympic plates with hard plastic Olympic weight sleeves. Plan about 6-8 hours to assemble if you can  make sense of the poorly written assembly instructions. The multi-function bench has a preacher curl and leg developer, but seem a little flimsy when using weight around 200 lbs or higher and the light padding is insufficient to maintain comfort during leg curls or leg extensions. The weight resistance guide rod system for the pec deck, lat pull down, and other cable related exercises is not fluid at all and does not improve with lubrication. For safety, there is a stop that can be set to serve as a backup to the twist-lock of the smith machine. Of course, this machine is plate loaded and does not include the weights so that it as additional expense you will have to incur, but we rate this gym in the under $1000 category based on the gym alone. Overall, if you are looking for something within a $1000 budget that offers a variety of exercises in a compact design and decent construction, then the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine may be the best home gym under $1000.


  • Smith style press bar with sealed linear bearings and safety stops
  • Upper pulley cable crossover design
  • Pec deck
  • Preacher curl pad (adjustable up/down)
  • Safety catches for free weight exercises
  • 6 weight storage posts
  • Multi-function utility bench w/leg developer
  • Exercise Chart included


Over 30 exercises for a complete body workout


2-year limited warranty

MSRP: $1899

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Reviewed by admin on 05 October 2011

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