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Cybex MG-525

The Cybex MG-525 is a versatile multi-gym that offers a few biomechanically correct exercises for a full body workout–in a sleek, compact, 67-square-foot package. Three people can exercise at the same time on this 3-stack home gym. This is a safe gym that fits well for the intense trainer to the exerciser just trying to work up an occasional sweat. Cybex has a proven track record for rugged reliability and low-maintenance, but the small variety of exercises on the MG-525 vs, other multi-stacks makes this less attractive for a home gym & more of a fit for a commercial environment, hotel, corporate fitness, or apartment fitness centers, etc. The MG-525 is built to be used everyday and has quality components for a smooth & comfortable workout. Each exercise is as close to gym quality as you’ll find among the multi-stack gyms, but the trade-off is losing a little variety.

Dimensions: 83” L × 119” W × 88” H (211 cm × 302 cm × 224 cm)
Machine Wt: 904 lb
Three Weight Stacks: each 200 lb.
Platinum Sparkle frame with black Chrome enclosures. Black and gray upholstery
Standard Accessories: lat pull bar, row/arm curl handle

Leg Extension, Lying Leg Curl, Lat Pull, Low Row, Arm Curl, Tricep Push Down, Chest Press, Overhead Press

MSRP: $5999

Reviewed by admin on 04 October 2013

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