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Body Solid Fusion 600 Personal Trainer Home Gym

The Body Solid Fusion 600 Personal Trainer Home Gym is a forward thinking single stack design that fuses functional training with traditional training in an aesthetic, compact, and high-quality home gym. The Fusion 600 allows you to basically design your gym to adapt to your available floor space and address your training needs, preferences and goals. Just add the optional stations and accessories (see list below) that will help you achieve your specific fitness goals and add them to either side of the main unit. The Fusion 600 features a biangular converging press arm that generates 25% more muscle interaction for better results. It also sports a leg curl station that puts you in the driver’s seat for developing both hamstrings simultaneously from a comfortable, seated position.
The Fusion 600 multi-station gym offers you the flexibility to perform over 60 exercises that allow you to isolate individual muscles or introduce functional training into your routine to establish and sustain improved coordination, balance and stability. The Fusion 600 modular multi-station gym is packed with the features of a high-end system at a price you can afford. The entire Fusion line is designed with oversized oval steel tubing, ergonomic seats with high quality foam padding, and friction-free high quality cables & pulleys.

– Body-Solid’s revolutionary Bi-Angular press arm that generates 25% more muscle interaction for better results.
– 4-position standard press arm with ergonomically designed multi-position handles.
– Leg extension with pivoting rollers that provides a full range of motion.
– Synchronized articulating functional training arms with range extending from upper ab exercises to side-accessed workouts.
– Gas assist telescoping seat and telescoping back rest with multiple position cushion that ensures comfort and adjustability for any size user.
– Two pre-cabled accessory attachment points that enable you to easily add any of the optional pieces.
– May add attachments to both sides of gym.
– Left side facing gym – 1/2:1 ratio
– Right side facing gym – 2:1 ratio
– Workout Placard with 20 exercises examples included.

– Small footprint (72” x 52” x 82.5” tall).
– Chest supported mid row arms.
– Lat pull down with wide groove pulleys.
– Telescoping backrest with multiple position cushion.
– High-density foam handle grips and chrome endcaps.
– Weight stack shrouds.
– Optional side pulley covers.

Frame: 50mm x 100mm 11 ga oval tubing with 6mm upper support plates.
DuraFirm™ Pads: DuraFirm Pads are tear-resistant, extra-thick and ultra comfortable. Body Solid uses the highest density foam in the industry for a lifetime of support without bottoming out.
Finish: An electrostatically applied powder coat finish protects all Body-Solid fitness equipment. This is the same process used on industrial machinery because of its durability. It resists cracking, chipping and corrosion and makes cleaning a breeze.
Pulleys & Cables: Fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys are precision-matched to our cable diameter and revolve on seated ball bearings that never need maintenance and provide a lifetime of friction-free performance.

Chest Press, Incline Press, Decline Press, Lat Pull-Down, Leg Extension, Bicep Curl, Tricep Extension, Mid Row, Cable Row, Shrugs, Shoulder Press, and many others

– Leg Press Attachment
– Multi-Hip Station
– Pull Up Bar Attachment
– Vertical Knee-Raise / Dip Station
– Weight-Assisted Dip & Pull-Up Station

The warranty period to the original purchaser is lifetime of the original purchaser on everything (pads, pulleys, cables, etc.). Warranty applies only in the United States to products manufactured or distributed by Body-Solid, Inc.(Body-Solid) under the Body-Solid brand name.

MSRP: $1999

Where to Buy:
Body Solid Fusion 600 (F600/2) Personal Trainer Home Gym w/ 210 Lb. Weight Stack

Reviewed by admin on 14 October 2013

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